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asq logo 1 ASQ (American Society for Quality) awards "Fellow" status to Senior members of the Society. These individuals were elected Fellows by ASQ's board of directors. Fellows are recognized as having achieved professional distinction and pre-eminence in the technology, theory, education, application or management of quality control.

ASQ currently has 600 Fellows active in the Society.

According to ASQ bylaws, Fellow membership status may be awarded to those individuals who have been ASQ members in good standing and meet the following criteria:

  • Have at least 15 years of quality-related experience
  • Meet minimum score requirements across six professional categories
  • Are sponsored by peers and endorsed by their ASQ section and/or division
  • Have been a Senior member for five years or longer

"ASQ presents these individuals with Fellow status to recognize the commitment they have made to making quality a personal ethic, an organizational imperative, and a global priority," said ASQ President Peter Andres. "They are leaders of the quality movement, and many may become the future leaders of ASQ." 

  • Charles Donnell
  • Richard Miller
  • Mark Schoenlein
  • Robert Fisher
  • James   Adams
  • Mark Durivage