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  1. Each advertisement costs $25.00/month; full payment is required before an advertisement will be posted.
  2. The advertiser receives a link to one advertisement with a link to a website.   Each additional website link is $25/mo.
  3. The advertiser provides a Word document or HTML page for us to post. We convert to HTML if necessary.
  4. We do not create, own, or warranty advertisements provided by the advertiser.
  5. Advertisements are intended to run on a monthly basis (30 days) and must be emailed to the Marketing Webmaster by the 15th for posting at the start of the next month. Make check payable to the ASQ-Toledo & mail it to the Webmaster along with your advertisement.
  6. Advertisements received any time other than the 15th will be posted as soon as possible and pro-rated accordingly.
  7. We retain the right to review and approve all advertisement.
  8. We carry competitive advertisement and do not offer exclusivity, either as to entire content such as a co-branded part of the site, or as specific pages within a site.
  9. We retain the right to remove advertising a) if the advertiser fails to fulfill payment on this agreement or b) in the event that we receive notification that the advertising is claimed to infringe on the rights of a third party.
  10. We do not warranty or guarantee the performance of this site or the technology behind the site.
  11. These terms are subject to change.

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Contact Info
To cancel or modify your reservation, call 419-843-8299 ext. 268 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Presentation Only Info
Meeting participants have the option to attend the presentation but skip the dinner.
Therefore Toledo ASQ is able to offer those participants who only want to see the presentation a discounted rate of $5 which will be donated directly to the Student Scholarship Fund.

Reservation Policies
  • No Shows will be invoiced unless cancelled 2 days in advance.
  • Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted for on-line payment only. 
  • Cash or Check payment only at the door.
  • Please be aware that reservations received after the deadline may be required to be 'presentation only' depending on the requirements of the meeting location.
  • By making a reservation for the monthly dinner meeting, you obligate the section to pay for your meal. If you cannot attend, please cancel your reservation or reimburse the section for this expense.

The Toledo Section will sponsor the monthly dinner fees for unemployed members (up to 3 members) so that they can attend the dinner meetings and network with other ASQ Toledo Section Members. To maintain the cost of running the assistance program, the following limits have been established.  Unemployed members may use this benefit for two section meetings per ASQ fiscal year. The Toledo Section will sponsor up to 3 members each month. The benefits will be given on a “first come, first  served” basis.
Proof of Toledo ASQ section membership
Unemployed for at least 30 days prior to section meeting
Actively seeking employment.

Unemployed members need to register for dinner meetings through normal means and by the registration deadline. At the time of registration, the member must include a request for the unemployed member sponsorship. The member will be notified if the section has already received 3 requests. A no-show will be deducted from the unemployed member's two allotted dinner meetings.