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asq logo 1Membership in the American Society for Quality is not exclusive to any particular industry or business segment, but is based upon a set of universal quality principles that can be applied to any business, organization or individual. Becoming a member of ASQ will introduce you to a wealth of resources, including contact with like-minded individuals who are seeking new ideas and skills to improve quality in a wide variety of professional and person areas.



To Join ASQ Online

You may join online at the main ASQ Membership Page. There you will find complete details for membership application by individuals, students and entire organizations. Be sure to designate Toledo Section 1006 as your section choice.

Although membership is not required to attend Toledo Section 1006 meetings and events, membership does provide many discounts. If you are a member you will get discounts to monthly meetings, certifications, and educational classes that may be offered. Questions about ASQ membership or about Toledo Section 1006 can be directed to Membership Chair.

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